April 2022

Just one more loop...

The Muddy Edition

Although the conditions were not ideal, wet and lots of mud, we managed to crown our third PBBU champion in the likes of Henk Mulder with 12 yards or 80.2km. Henk is not new to the backyard ultra format, and was the previous “assist” (second place) in our September 2022 edition. We are happy that he could make this one a win, which guaranteed him an entry into the South African championship in October 2022. 

Henk Mulder receiving a unicorn from a unicorn

Equally important is that we have the very first lady assist to a backyard ultra in South Africa. Jackie Maritz of Klerksdorp ran like a gizelle every round and never seem to tire. She had her eye set on a total of 80km from the  start. In her words: “When the sun goes down, I put on my slippers!” We do believe she still had lots of yards left in her.

Jackie Maritz, first female assist in South Africa